Potato Smiley Faces

These are such a huge hit with the kids and they’re homemade which is an even bigger bonus!  They’re really simple to make and can be frozen before cooking, so you can always have some stashed in your freezer waiting to be cooked whenever you need them.

tunabrocoli croquettes.jpg

3 cups cooled mashed potato

2 tbsp corn flour

Small handful of grated cheese of your choice

Handful breadcrumbs

1. Mix together the mash, cornflower & cheese, form a ball.

2. Cut mix into 12-14 equal portions

3. Flatten and shape each portion into a circle around 1/2cm thick

4. Place circles onto a greased baking tray

5. Using a straw make eye in each circle

6. Use a child’s spoon to make the mouth

7. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over each one

8. Spray each face with a little oil

9. Bake on 180 for around 20-30 mins, until they are firm and browned

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