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Ordinary Mothers is a site created for mothers by mothers.

Ordinary Mothers began as a place to share a handful of personal experiences that had been helpful to one ordinary mother. From there, it has grown to a whole community wanting to share ideas and give some solidarity to parents who may feel they are alone on what can be a challenging journey.

We all have a few tips we’d pass onto any parent on certain topics, even if we sometimes felt totally overwhelmed by aspects of parenthood! Ordinary Mothers combines these personal experiences with the need-to-know ‘facts’. Anyone can send in contributions to the blog, send in their favourite recipes, and ordinary mothers who may have a passion for a certain aspects of motherhood have helped write the pages too.


Ordinary mothers are an extraordinary resource!

We believe that everyone should have access to accurate and honest information. None of us are medical professionals and medical guidance has its place for many aspects of motherhood. The internet is both wonderful and ‘wicked’ (as one of our more popular blog posts explains); there can be a lot of misleading or out-of-date info on the web. So here you will have ‘official’ medical guidance where it is needed, or even just links to it. It would be irresponsible to share other information on some topics if there is even the slightest chance that it could be in any small way detrimental to you or your children. A prime example is our page on Safe Sleeping: the Lullaby Trust website is the place to go for this information, so we merely point parents in the right direction.

However, another hugely important aspect of parenthood is experience. We may rely on our own mothers, our mummy friends. But for those of us who do not have this community, or who have not found the answers amongst our ‘village’, we have to look elsewhere.

For many topics, from ‘which steriliser should I use?’ to ‘how do I plan for the birth I want?’, it’s a matter of making informed personal choices. Here we aim to be a sounding board, giving you information, options, and personal experiences that may help you to explore what is right for your own journey. We link to other websites because we are not the experts on everything and anything. We are ordinary mothers who learned on the way and just want to help new parents with a few tried and tested ‘hacks’.

And for other topics, we just don’t want you to ever feel alone. Motherhood can feel isolating. It can be tough. Some things you just don’t feel able to say out loud. These kind of topics are more likely to be covered in our blog posts where there will be a range of ordinary mothers sharing their experiences. Hopefully you will relate to some. You may learn something from others. You may feel inspired to share your own experiences - and we hope you do!

We will continue to grow, but we can only do so for as long as people engage with our community. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Social media is where people tend to comment, ask questions, and like our content. This allows ordinary mothers to connect, and it also helps us to get an idea for what topics are most appreciated and helps drive the development of our pages. But of course, you can also tell us what topics you’d like to see via our contact page.

Whether you read or contribute to our content, thank you for being part of the Ordinary Mothers community.

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