Baby wearing is when you carry your child in a sling/ wrap/ carrier attached to your body. It has numerous benefits for you and the child.

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Benefits of Babywearing


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How to babywear safely


How to get support for babywearing

Benefits of Babywearing

  • Especially during the 4th trimester, babywearing can strengthen the bond between the parent and child. 

  • A carried baby is generally calmer as they feel their primal survival needs are being met.

  • Aids in baby's development, both physically and emotionally, including promoting early language development. Babies learn by watching faces, and babywearing puts your little one at conversational height.

  • Decreases risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.

  • Promotes neural development, respiratory and gastrointestinal health, and aids in balance.

  • Lets mums discreetly breastfeed on the go.

  • Boosts breast milk production due to close contact with baby.

  • Allows caregivers to be "hands-free" to get stuff done while still holding baby.

  • Fosters a closeness through toddlerhood. Toddlers can be worn too, reminding them of their "home base," and allowing that bond to continue as they grow.

We carry our babies for almost a year while pregnant. And while in utero they're warm and safe, our breaths and heartbeat their constant companions. But when baby is born, it's a whole new world for them (and us too!). Luckily, we can babywear, which brings our little ones right back to us.


Babywearing gives both of us that closeness again, while also providing baby with numerous benefits to development, both physically and emotionally. We call the first few months after birth the "fourth trimester," and for good reason. Our little ones need us more than ever as they make the transition into this new, big world. And as an added bonus, our partners or caregivers can babywear too, allowing them to bond with baby in a new way, building a stronger bond between your child and the people who love them.

And really, a carried baby is a happy baby...and doesn't that make parents happy? The closeness stimulates a beneficial hormone production (Oxytocin), resulting in a more intimate parental bond. Babywearing also adds a whole new level of convenience to your day; simply place your little one in a sling or baby carrier and go! Babywearing is a family affair, and having your partner wear your little one aids in developing a close relationship and deep bond between the two of them, as well.


How to babywear safely

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How to get support for babywearing

Visit your local sling library to get advice on types of carriers and how to wear them safely. You can usually hire a sling there rather than buy.