Going Home

When you are discharged from hospital:

  • Be honest with the hospital if you do not feel ready to go home.

  • Ensure you are happy with how you are feeding your baby.

  • Ask about when you can expect a home visit from the midwife and health visitor.


  • Make sure your isofix base is already in your car and that you know how to attach and unlatch your car seat! You don’t want to be doing the for the first time with a crying baby!


  • It is probably easier to get the baby into a car seat in the hospital and carry them out in it so bring that up to your bedside when you know you are able to go home.


  • Ensure baby is wearing a vest (bodysuit), babygro (sleepsuit), and hat. A pramsuit would be fine if you are walking your baby home but they are not suitable to wear in a car seat as the straps cannot be pulled as close to their body. Instead, you could put baby in a cardigan and then lay a blanket OVER the car seat straps when done up and tuck in at the sides.


  • MEMBER TIP: If you’ve had a csection, consider a towel or blanket under the lap part of the seatbelt to alleviate some pressure.


  • Make sure you have picked up baby’s tags as they are a lovely keepsake.


  • Take the obligatory photo from behind of your partner carrying the baby out of the hospital!


  • Say no to visitors until you know how you feel at home. Just getting unpacked is hard work with a newborn so don’t be afraid to put people off until you are settled. Alternatively, you might want a close family member to help you get settled.

  • The first nights at home by yourself can be quite overwhelming. Do not be afraid to seek support if you need it. This is a big change and it's new for all of you. Sometimes babies don't follow the rule books and might not want to sleep in the Moses basket you've set up, or may want to feed all night. Reach out to your community team (your midwife or health visitor are usually a good place to start) if you are at all worried or just need some advice/reassurance. Hopefully our site may provide some other good sources of information for you too. 

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