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My Birthday Letter to you, Roo!

Oh Little Ruby Roo!

A year today you arrived in this world extremely quickly, bright and early bang on morning shift change, boy! did Lucy who delivered you curse you for that; you were the 99th baby she had delivered and she was handpicked by your Godmother to deliver you. You immediately cried for food and didn’t give up until you got some, holding up the midwife from weighing you for the first time! Right from that moment we knew you were a terror disguised as an angel. And you haven’t failed to prove this true.

Your personality is developing all the time, you’re a quiet character who loves nothing more than sitting on the side line, quietly egging your siblings on when they’re being naughty. Giggling away at their antics and turning our frowns into laughter too, each time boycotting the telling off we were just about to give them, which they thank you for I’m sure! Sneaky boy! You’re a family lover & you miss when we aren’t all together. You crawl around searching for where the rest of us may be hiding and cry when you can’t find one of us. The love that you show everyone is a blessing and I will never take that for granted.

It feels like your first year has passed us by a breeze, with no hiccups. But then when I sit and think about everything that has gone on during your first year I realise just how much has happened in such a short time and it says so much about you. It’s you that makes everything a breeze, you’re so contented and happy to go with the flow, no matter what might be happening. Your wonder and awe of everything around you never ceases to amaze me. You see everything for what it is, without any other thought. So often you tag along to events aimed at your sister and brother, without complaint. Happy just to observe them enjoying activities, with that gorgeous little Roo hamster cheek smile on your face the whole time.

When your brother turned one I remember spending a week prior to his birthday a complete emotional wreck, not wanting to see my baby turn into a 1 year old. I wanted him to stay a baby for longer.

But I feel so different with you. I’ve been excited about you turning one, I haven’t felt that pang of sadness at this looming milestone. I can’t wait to see you grow, watch that shy/coy/happy but often cheeky personality develop. See the love between you and your siblings grow stronger (even though I’m not sure how it can get any stronger). See you learn to say Mamma (PLEASE say Mamma soon!) Hear you say your sibling’s names for the first time. Watch as you take your first steps and run after your siblings. And grow from my baby baby into a toddler.

You’re already busy achieving new things all the time. You’re crawling, you have 2 little teeth. You can say Dada, Baba, Ta & Hiya. You make the cutest little shouty noises to get our attention, particularly the attention of your brother and sister. You love Peekaboo, the neighbourhood cats, mummy’s crab impression, daddy’s beard tickling your face, your sister’s dancing and your brother throwing himself at the furniture, I’m sure the laugh you let out for this is more of a ‘Hahaha you just wait mummy, I’m next.’

You’re loved by so many people, not just us, but strangely people all over the world, which is still completely crazy to me & your daddy. You’ve won the hearts of so many people with your cheeky nature and gorgeous smile. Again breezing weaning was not just fascinating for us to watch, but also others watched in wonder at how you’ve breezed weaning, with not one part of it phasing you. Just another example of how you seem to breeze through life.

Having your brother turned me into a Mother and gave my life a whole new perspective, a whole new meaning. From the moment he was born, I wanted to protect him for the rest of my life from everything that could or would ever cause him harm. I was very much a rabbit in headlights and I didn’t want to ‘break’ him, or do anything wrong. I worried over every small thing and read so much information, just to make sure I was doing motherhood ‘right’.

But then your pregnancy bought so many unexpected challenges and proved just how strong you, even on the inside, could be. In that moment you were born, a cute, healthy, contented tiny being, I realised despite everything I’d been unable to protect you from on the inside, you’d come out perfectly fine and thriving. It didn’t end there and with everything we went through in the first 10weeks of your life, you thrived and were always so contented. Watching you grow throughout it all, made me realise that things in life change so quickly and although your lives are precious to me, you are just as strong and adaptable as us larger humans. You made me be a little more carefree, you taught me to relax, and you showed me how unimportant it is to worry over the small things. You’ve shown me that even during the worst times, we can still smile. You’ve taught me that protecting you doesn’t mean I’ve failed when I can’t protect you, some things happen as a way for you to learn for yourself. You’ve allowed me to believe there is no right way to this motherhood malarkey. That as long as you’re loved, you’re happy.

I can’t plan what the next year will hold for you, for us. I can’t determine what you might achieve, but I’ll not cut myself up if you fall over the first time you walk outside, like I did with your brother. If you fall I’ll pick you back up, kiss you and carry on walking. I promise not to rush you up A&E, crying, thinking the worst outcome. I promise to be a good teacher and aid you in your achievements. I’ll make sure you’re happy each and every day, no matter what else may be happening. I promise to try and stop your brother taking every toy off you and deeming it unsafe for you to play with. And I promise there will always be bananas in stock for breakfast.

Above all, I promise to give you another great year of life.

Happy First Birthday our Little RAY of sunshine. 

Love Mummy, Daddy, Cerys & Ewan xxx

We love this birthday letter from Zoe, and the fact that it is something Roo can cherish in years to come. Check out her page here. Let us know in the comments if you have a plan for something special for your little one's first birthday!
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