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Meals for Mini Mouths!

I just thought I’d introduce myself; I am the creator of the Instagram account, Meals for Mini Mouths, which covers our baby-led weaning journey. I have helped to develop the Ordinary Mothers Online Cookbook which has launched today! Whether you are Baby-led Weaning, or moving onto solids after purees, you can find fun recipes for the whole family.

I’m a mummy of three children: my 11 year old step-daughter, Cerys, & my two sons, Ewan (aged 3) and Reuben (aged 8months).

Boys enjoying a floor picnic. Baby-led weaning

We live in a rural part of the UK where both my husband & I work full time. Working full time has left me needing to get food on the table with minimal effort required. So I try to keep meal prep to a maximum of 15mins and freeze foods as much as possible, so we’ve always to ‘go to’ foods available.

I’ve always had a love for cooking, I find it so satisfying to see my family tucking into healthy meals made from scratch, meaning I know exactly what we are all putting into our bodies. I try to keep all my meals low/no salt or sugar.

Before I had Ewan, I had already decided that Baby-led Weaning was the route I would take in weaning him and any other children we had. I just felt it was an easier way to wean and left no transitioning from one type of eating to the next. It skipped the middle-man, so to speak. Plus it seemed a much nicer idea in the fact he could join in with mealtimes and we could eat all together as a family.

Baby-led weaning - baby eating healthy food

If you’d like to know more about weaning, from which route to take, to common questions such as allergies and diet, check out the Ordinary Mothers Weaning page.

Over the last 3years I’ve altered old recipes and come up with baby/toddler size foods/meals to meet Ewan’s growing needs. As Ewan has grown, recipes have then been altered further to suit his fussy stages in development and ever changing appetite. My aim is to always keep food fun, uncomplicated, but healthy and packed full of goodness.

Baby enjoying baby-led weaning in highchair

I set up my page 2 months ago after my husband, friends and people on a BLW support page commented on how lovely my recipes and meals were. Since then I’ve been sent messages requesting foods to a whole variety of dietary requirements, I’m now working on new and exciting recipes all the time to meet vegan, dairy and gluten free diets. So there’s always something to suit everyone on my page – and you can find a selection of these meals on the Ordinary Mothers site too!

I intend to share advice and recipes on the Ordinary Mothers Online Cookbook, but I will post more regularly on my Instagram so please do follow me there if you are after regular inspiration for your meals.

To kick things off, please click here to see my recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits, and there are a few more to be found under the Recipes section.

Don’t forget to follow on Instagram for regular updates!

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