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Exercise During Pregnancy

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

In September, the Royal College of midwives announced that they will now start to weigh pregnant women. This process was last heard about in the 1990s, and the news was met with mixed reviews from many people. It has also raised questions about exercise during pregnancy.

Being a former athlete, who has always stuck to an exercise routine since retiring from competitive sport 12 years ago, I firmly advocate keeping active during pregnancy (unless guided by a medical professional not to do so). I am not saying train 6 days a week, like an Olympian; I am merely suggesting a brisk walk, jog or swim (which really was not my thing if I am being honest!) 4 times a week; this kind of exercise would prevent and aid a myriad of things throughout your pregnancy.

Below, I have listed my top 4 benefits of why I kept active during my pregnancy:

1. I felt it increased my energy levels (especially as I avoided coffee during my entire pregnancy) in the afternoons;

2. It decreased my chances of gestational diabetes (as most of the females in my family have diabetes);

3. It also helped me to get back into pre- pregnancy shape after each of my children;

4. It also helped me to have a better night sleep.

I would also recommend going to pre-natal exercise classes, such as pregnancy yoga, where you get a chance to meet other mothers and possibly form a community for after the baby is here.

More and more research is showing that your pregnancy predetermines the health of your child. With that in mind, diet and exercise will continue to be important during and after your pregnancy.

Just to sign off, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can and like my mother says ‘having a child is a gift that we sometimes take for granted’.

Michelle Griffith- Robinson

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